GT-R Air Textile Jacket

GT-R Air Textile Jacket


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The Multi2 Kit fits any Nolan helmet not equipped with SDS or RCS, or any other brand of helmet. The Multi2 Bluetooth Kit offers the same features as Nolan’s regular B1 kits, but developed for helmets that are not N-Com ready. This kit is available as a single unit or as a set of two units. It is optimized for one rider or for a couple riding on one motorcycle, as the distance helmet to helmet is limited to 150 feet.

Single unit.
Rider to passenger communication via Bluetooth.
Other devices can be connected to the Multi2: Music players and other devices using a standard headphone jack can be connected via a MultiMedia Wire (not included) and other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as a cell-phone and a GPS can be paired through the Bluetooth connection.
Limited warranty valid for 2 (two) years from the date of purchase.


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